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No Gobbledygook Award 13

The White House
Office of the Vice President

For Immediate Release
November 24, 1998

Vice President Gore Lauds FDA “No ID, No Smokes” Campaign

Former Vice President Gore selected a team from the Food and Drug Administration led by Sharon L. Natanblut as the thirteenth winner. The team developed a packet of materials for cigarette retailers to help them comply with the tobacco regulation aimed a packet of material at decreasing illegal sales of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco to kids.

In response to requests for easy-to-read information to encourage clerks not to sell tobacco products to young people, the FDA partnered with Arnold Communications to develop a free “No ID, No Smokes” retailer kit filled with posters, signs, fact sheets, counter mates, and other materials. More than 30,000 retailers requested the free materials in November to use during the great American smokeout campaign. 90% of retailers who used the eye-catching materials reported that they helped educate both clerks and customers. Dr. Jane Henney, FDA Commissioner said, “This innovative approach shows that FDA knows how to use a light approach to make a serious message stand out in the busy retail environment.”


Billbord of child smoking and the text: If someone else's kid can buy cigarettes, so can yours. Do something.

Billbord of child smoking and the text: Why do 4.5 million kids smoke? Because they can. Do something.