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No Gobbledygook Award 6

The White House
Office of the Vice President

Vice President Gore Presents Sixth No Gobbledygook Award to FEMA Employees

Vice President Gore presented the sixth plain language award to the Federal Emergency Management Agency for rewrites of several documents concerning winter and holiday safety. The ceremony was held in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on December 21. The award winners were Donald Jacks and Barbara Patasce.

FEMA won the award for three documents—winter safety preparedness, holiday decoration safety, and heater safety. Here’s some before and after language from the Winter Preparedness Safety Tips pamphlet.

Winter Preparedness Safety Tips

  • Before

    Timely preparation, including structural and non-structural mitigation measures to avoid the impacts of severe winter weather, can avert heavy personal, business and government expenditures. Experts agree that the following measures can be effective in dealing with the challenges of severe winter weather.

  • After

    Severe winter weather can be extremely dangerous. Consider these safety tips to protect your property and yourself.