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Information Security Program Handbook

This rewritten version of an Army Information Security manual makes good use of subsections and white space and eliminates irrelevant information.

Methods of Transmission or Transportation: 7-301. Secret Information.

  • Before

    Administrative procedures shall be established by each DoD Component for controlling Secret information and material originated or received by an activity; distributed or routed to a sub-element of such activity; and disposed of by the activity by transfer of custody or destruction. The control system for Secret information must be determined by a practical balance of security and operating efficiency and must meet the following minimum requirements:

    1. It must provide a means to ensure that Secret material sent outside a major subordinate element (the activity) of the DoD Component concerned has been delivered to the intended recipient…
    2. It must provide a record of receipt and dispatch of Secret material by each major subordinate element. The dispatch record requirement may be satisfied when the distribution of Secret material is evident and addressees or distribution lists for classified documentation…
    3. Records of receipt and dispatch for Secret material shall be retained for a minimum of 2 years…
  • After

    1. You may send secret information by US Registered Postal Service mail within and between the United States and its Territories.
    2. You may use Federal Express and U.S. Post Service Express Mail for transmitting secret mail within the United States and between the United States and its Territories under the following STRICT condition security:
    3. Mail should meet the weight and size limits of the carrier used.
    4. You should follow the inner wrappings and receipt requirements in this handbook.
    5. You should ensure delivery by Friday so that the carrier is not in possession of the package over the weekend.