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Regulation Quick-reference Card

Not only did the National Marine Fisheries Service improve the language of this regulation, they turned the critical points into a user-friendly quick reference card, bright yellow so it’s easy to find, and laminated so it will stand up to wet conditions.

Pacific Offshore Cetacean Take Reduction Plan: Section 229.31

  • Before

    After notification of NMFS, this final rule requires all CA/OR DGN vessel operators to have attended one Skipper Education Workshop after all workshops have been convened by NMFS in September 1997. CA/OR DGN vessel operators are required to attend Skipper Education Workshops at annual intervals thereafter, unless that requirement is waived by NMFS. NMFS will provide sufficient advance notice to vessel operators by mail prior to convening workshops.

  • After

    After notification from NMFS, vessel operators must attend a skipper education workshop before commencing fishing each fishing season.