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Smoking Regulation

This example was created for training and is not official agency text.

  • Before

    Each carrier shall take such action as is necessary to ensure that smoking by passengers, drivers, and other employees is not permitted in violation of this section. This shall include making appropriate announcements to passengers, the posting of the international no-smoking symbol, and the posting of signs in all vehicles transporting passengers in letters in sharp color contrast to the background, and of such size, shape, and color as to be readily legible. Such signs and symbols shall be kept and maintained in such a manner as to remain legible and shall indicate that smoking is prohibited by Federal regulation.

  • After

    To ensure that passengers, drivers, and other employees don’t violate the smoking ban in this section, each carrier must:

    • announce to passengers that smoking is prohibited; and
    • post and maintain international no-smoking symbols and legible no-smoking signs in all vehicles transporting passengers.