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Information Status

We have suspended in-person training. We are accepting requests for virtual training only. Only federal agencies can request training; classes depend on whether we have trainers available. Learn more on our training page.


Plain language is gaining in popularity as we come to realize how powerful it can be in saving us time and money. Here are just a few of the statements leaders—and front-line employees—have made about why plain language is important.

Leaders in government and business

  • Marion Blakey, former Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, asked federal employees to write more plainly because it will pay huge dividends in improved customer service, safer skills, and reduced costs.

  • Warren Buffett has been called the greatest stock-market investor of modern times. See what he says about plain language in this preface to the Security and Exchange Commission’s Plain English Handbook.

  • Tommy Thompson, George W. Bush’s former Secretary of Health and Human Services, has this to say about plain language and the federal plain language group.

  • Federal employees speak